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As a young company, we are proud of the fact that we work with interesting and prestigious customers and partners.

Delivering online orders in even shorter periods of time has become a clear differentiating feature in e-commerce. BRACK.CH has also been dealing with the latest issues for a long time. The online retailer has been cooperating with notime since August 2016, and, in addition to offering next business day delivery throughout Switzerland, can now also offer Same-Day Delivery in Switzerland’s urban centres.

Having quickly clarified the scope of the project, BRACK.CH’s online shop was swiftly connected to the notime system via the notime WebWidget. As a result, all same-day orders are automatically sent to notime and processed accordingly (more information about connecting to our system can be found at product page).

During the ordering process, BRACK.CH customers have the option to choose the delivery type «same day with notime» as well as the desired time slot and the delivery location. notime uses a shuttle to collect the ordered products from BRACK.CH’s central warehouse in Willisau and, in cooperation with Swiss Federal Railways, distributes them to the notime hubs in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Lausanne and Geneva. notime’s cargo bike couriers wait there to collect the packages so they can then distribute them in the urban regions.

A special extra for customers: shortly before delivery, they receive an SMS with a link that directs them to the FollowMe page developed by notime. The upcoming delivery is announced on the web page. If the BRACK.CH customer wants a change of delivery time and/or location, they can easily make changes until just before the courier arrives, all with a few simple clicks.

Innovative and customer-oriented additional services such as real-time same-day deliveries from notime bring little added value if the goods do not arrive as agreed. The possibility of direct communication between the notime courier and the BRACK.CH customer can increase the delivery rate, and leads to fewer returned goods, which in turn reduces relevant costs. In addition to being speedy and saving resources, notime delivery is also 100% reliable.

The "Kaloka" market place enables Swiss Post to offer local small businesses a common platform for the online distribution of their products. In this context, the Swiss logistics giant also tests new opportunities in the field of delivery. Swiss Post has been cooperating with notime since March 2016 to help them provide Kaloka customers with Same-Day Deliveries.

A large number of companies in Bern and Zurich distribute their products through kaloka.ch. In Bern, for example, the goods are collected by the supplier at more than 50 different shops. Efficient processes and specially optimised paths are essential to carry out the promise of delivery on the same day or even within a few hours of the order. The platform Kaloka benefits from the relevant process optimisation thanks to the software developed by notime. To be more specific, orders are automatically bundled and delivered to the customer via optimised, real-time tours. This enables same day deliveries at competitive prices. Thanks to its own network of cargo bike couriers, notime is also able to react in a flexible manner to the most diverse customer requirements.

As part of our cooperation, notime’s system was connected to kaloka.ch’s online shop. Orders placed in the shop are automatically bundled and sent to notime (more information about connecting to our system can be found at our product page). The notime cargo bike couriers collect the goods at various shops in Bern and Zurich and deliver them to the customer on the same day using optimised delivery routes. Kaloka can provide its customers with up to three different time slots in the morning (Zurich), in the afternoon (Bern and Zurich), and in the evening (Bern and Zurich).

Flexibility is notime’s number one priority – therefore the SMS shopping service from Kaloka Bern can be easily combined with the notime solution. If the Kaloka customer places their order via SMS, our cargo bike couriers personally buy the ordered products in the relevant shop and deliver them to the customer.

Before the arrival of the notime courier, the Kaloka customers receive an SMS with a link to the FollowMe page: the upcoming delivery is announced, and the customer is given the opportunity to change the delivery time and location right up until just before the delivery. After the delivery, the customer has the chance to evaluate the entire service. FollowMe complements the comprehensive offer from notime, making online shopping a real experience for customers. This should ensure that they return to this new online marketplace as soon as possible.